ESD v2 Roadmap

This document outlines the proposed development timeline for implementing the ESD v2 spec

Milestone 1

Create migration for expired coupon to fixed payout debt that will be claimable in the new system immediately prior to the launch of v2.0.

(2 weeks)

Milestone 2

Implement cooling, freezing and reheating for ESD.

Temporary DAO functionality to allow minting of ESD for USDC, allowing reserves to be built up while remaining work continues.

(2 weeks)

Audit and Release 1

The period prior to this release acts as a window during which users may enter the DAO before the cooling period is implemented. Once this code goes live, no one will be able to enter the DAO until after the first cooling period is over.

(Depends on audit availability)

Milestone 3

Implement the Debt Auction Mechanism and Orderbook.

(1-2 weeks)

Milestone 4

Completion of DAO Interface and remaining High Level Logic. Audit of Milestone 3 complete.

(2 weeks)

Audit and Release 2

Upon completion of audit and deployment, ESD v2 is live. The temporary functionality created in Milestone 2 is removed.

(Depends on audit availability)